Annotations, journal # № 1/2018


Myronenko V., Kolomiets K. Concept, Essential Terms, and Legal Nature of the Factoring Agreement


Akimov M. Some Qualifing Elements of Crimes against Electoral Rights: Current Problems and Solutions

Vitko A. Criminal Responsibility for Violation of Rules Related to the Protection and Use of Mineral Resources under Criminal Codes of Some Foreign Countries

Volkova T. Subjective Aspect (Mens Rea) of a Crime of Illegal Fishing or Hunting or any other Sea Hunting Industry

Vorobey P. Responsibility for Willful False Testimony in the Context of the State Criminal Justice Policy as a Guaranty of Legal Security

Kovaleva T. International Legal Regulation of the Operation of the Law of Ukraine on Criminal Responsibility in space

Lopashchuk D. Socio-legal Conditionality of the Offense under Paragraph 11 Part 2 Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Matviуchuk V. Mens Rea of a Crime of Violation of Inviolability of Private Life

Matviуchuk А. The Target of a Crime of Designing or Operation of Constructions without Systems of Environmental Protection

Roshchina I. Compliance of the Criminal Legislation of Ukraine with Article 13 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Savchenko A., Vorobei P., Belskyi Yu. Refiling (refile) as a Method of Committing of Unauthorized Interference in the Work of Telecommunication Networks

Soloviova A. Crimes against Property under the Penal Code of France

Shnypko А. The Distinction between a Crime of Knowingly Unlawful Detention, Forced Bringing, House Arrest or Holding in Custody and Related Offenses

Khar I. Perpetrator of Crimes against Peace, Security of Mankind, and International Legal Order


Khar I. Review of a Study Guide "Land Law of Ukraine" by Author Team of the Lecturers of the Nftional Academy of Internal Affairs

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