№ 3/2016
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Journal content № 3/2016


Philosophy and Sociology of Law
Desiatnyk V. The Problem of Dialectical Logic
Romanova A.S. Law and human:  harmonious unity in period of social anomie
Criminal Law
Volkova T. The objective side of crime of the illegal fishing or hunting or any other sea hunting industry by part 1 of article 249 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Gereliuk T. Protection of adchaeological and cultural heritage the criminal legal aspects 
Kovalovа T.I. The genesis of the law on criminal responsibility in the space in the seventh stage of the development of society and legislation on the territory of Ukraine

Matviychuk V. Theoretical-applied problems of system of crimes against the environment under the current
Criminal Code of Ukraine

Reshnyuk A. The committer of crime of attempt on the life of defender or representative of the person in connection with activities related to the provision of legal aid
Servetsky I.V. The concept of high treason and its social danger
Soloviova A. The concept of "property" in foreign legal science in the context of crimes against property
Khar I. Theoretical and applied problems of the committer of a crime in the field of environmental protection

Shnipko O.S. The direct object of crime of knowingly unlawful apprehension, taking into custody, arrest or detention

Kikalishvili M.V.  Biological theories of deviant behavior Nikitin D. Yu. Transformation of Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in the sphere of the public prosecution and combating criminality in the budgetary sector
Criminal Procedural Law
Karpenko M.I., Chonka M.M. Procedural meaning and features of witness as participant of criminal proceedings (comparative-legal description)

Labor Law

Belinska J. The essence and the basic international legal standards of the UN and ILO in sphere of compulsory social insurance

№ 2/2016
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Journal content № 2/2016



Olkhovskiy M. Мain ways of activities  of voluntary organizations in Ukraine
Sitnic G. Informatization and E-Government: the relationship in the world

Baranovsky V., Prisyazhniy V.Individualization of responsibility and punishment for crimes committed by way of particularly cruel treatment
Grin O.D. Criminal-legal characteristic of the objective side of a crime underArt.131 of the Criminal code of Ukraine
Denysov S., Suyundykova N. Accounting of the personal characteristics a realization of criminal responsibility (by the criminal law of the countries in Central Asia)
Donchenko O.I. The analysis of historical factors of criminalizing encroachment on the authority of local governments
Zubez Y. Actus reus of failure to help a person who is in a condition dangerous to life under Part. 1, Art. 136 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Karpenko M.I., Hopak S.O. Current statistics, analysis and examples of corpus delicti of crime under Art. 426 Criminal Code of Ukraine "Inactivity of military authorities"
Kovalovа T.I. The origins and genesis of the law on criminal liability in space (third - sixth periods of the development of society and the state)
Matviychuk V., Guide E. Сomparative-legal study of particularly ill-treatment as a means of committing crimes under the criminal laws of Ukraine and some countries
Orlov Y. Improving of regulatory requirements stipulated art. 158-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Osichnyuk Y. Prevention of criminal pollution or other alteration of the natural properties of air
Reshnyuk A. Actus reus under Art. 400 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Soloviova Alina. To the question of historical processes on the territory of Ukraine in the context  of crimes against property
Chuhayenko Y., Khar I. Impact of subjective attributes on the qualification of acts committed with particular cruelty  


Kikalishvili M.V. Delinquent behavior: the concept, characteristics and determinants
Tokarenko C.V. Closing of the criminal proceedings upon establishment of the lack of a criminal offense or lack of corpus delicti in the act

№ 1/2016
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Journal content № 1/2016


Bernyukov A.M. The maintenance of the legal hermeneutics of Arthur Kaufman

Voznyuk S.A. Implementation of Ukraine's commitments to implement the direction of the fight against economic crimes of transnational character within the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on 21 March 2014
Radzivill A.A. Systematization of laws of the historical dynamics for aims of strategic management and legal policy
Tereshchenko О. Topical issues of international justice

Sitnic G. Administrative-legal regulation of activity of the legislature in terms of information technology: international experience

Danuk L. Administrative and legal relations in the sphere of notary system management: theoretical legal aspect 

Bazyuk T. The history and development of "economic and financial crimes” in Ukraine and the world
Hmyrin A. The direct object of the crime of the illegal manufacture, possession, sale or transportation with the aim to sell excisable goods
Zapototskyy А.Р., Sharmar О.M. The problematical questions of criminal responsibility for corruption crimes
Karpenko M.I., Popchenkova I.М. The reasons, consequences and prevention of military crimes, including art. 422 Criminal Code of Ukraine
Moroz A.O. Improving regulations in the case of counsel or representative of the person as a means to protect these participants from interfering in their activities

Olhovenko A. Comparative legal research of the crime under Art. 385 of the Criminal Code and similar offenses under the Criminal Code of some foreign countries
Orlov Y. Comparative legal description of the crime of illegal destruction of election documents or documents for the referendum under legislation of Ukraine and laws of some foreign countries

Soloviova A. Legal access to telecommunications services as a crime against property under the laws of foreign countries

Arakelyn R.F. Ways of the conflict resolution under the auspices of the Institute of mediation in criminal proceeding
Tokarenko C. The decision of the investigator, prosecutor on the termination of criminal proceedings

Adam Drozdek. The union customs code as basis for customs law (selected aspects)

№ 12/2015
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Journal content № 12/2015



Bernyukov A.M. The main features of a relativism in the concept of a legal hermeneutics of A. Kaufman (the philosophical and theoretical analysis)



Radzivill О.A. Characteristic dimensions of historical and legal education in the process of spiritual and intellectual revitalization of society



Sitnic Galina. The place of information resource in public administration



Gmirin A.А. Generic object of the crime the illegal manufacture, possession, sale or transportation with intent to sell excisable goods

Hospodarets M.V. Some subjective symptoms of illegal hunting

Zakrevskyi A.V. Features of punishment for violation of human rights to defence

Karpenko M.I., Chonka M.M. Features of objective side of neglect of military service (general theoretical aspect)

Melnichenko V. Article 250 CCP Ukraine needs improvement and proper use

Moroz A.O. Comparative legal research of the crime of the interference into advocacy’s or person’s representative activity crime with the similar acts in the codes of some foreign countries

Oleinichuk O.M. Delimiting of corpus delicti under Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine from the adjacent corpus delicti

Olhovenko O. Improving regulations under Art.385 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Orlov Y. The concept of a crime under Art.158-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Soloviova A. To the issue of criminal responsibility for theft of electrical or thermal energy



Arakelyn R.F. Some aspects of introduction the mediation institute in criminal proceeding of Ukraine

Bukhonskyi S. The problem of information reference (information retrieval and record) systems use in the pre-trial inquiry



Pogarchenko T. Certain issues of the concept and meaning of business crimes



Grin T.G. Historical aspects of the development of employment in the period of antiquity to the end of the XIX century



Brachuk A.O. The content and implementation of the principle of promoting legitimate trade in the customs legislation

Fedotov A.P. To the problem of record of entities, carrying out goods transactions within the context of the legislation of Ukraine in the matter of the state customs affairs

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