Articles, journal # № 9/2016

Philosophy, PSYCHOLOGY, LOGICS and Sociology of Law
Desiatnyk V. The Problem of the Unity of the Scientific Method
Masko D.  The Subsumer of Violation of Rules Related to Extraction and/or Protection of Mineral Resources
Matviychuk V.  Theoretical and Applied Problems of Subjective Signs of a Crime of Pollution, Contamination and Exhaustion of Water Objects (Article 242 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)
Mуhasуk L. Generic Object of a Crime Illegal Acquisition of Surface Soil (Surface Layer) of Land
Soloviova A. Some aspects of the criminal responsibility for crimes against property committed with the use of computer technology by the legislation of Ukraine and some foreign countries
Кhar I. Theoretical and Applied Problems of a Subject of Property Crimes
Stefanchuk М. The Principles of Organization of the Public Prosecutor's Office Activity in Realization of a Court Representation Function
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