Articles, journal # № 6/2016

Philosophy, PSYCHOLOGY, LOGICS and Sociology of Law
Kikalishvili M. Psychological theories of deviant behavior: psychodynamic aspects
Karpenko M., Soloviova A. Conformity criminal legislation of ukraine with rules of international humanitarian law with regard to the illegal use of symbols of Red Cross, Red Crescent, Red Crystal and abuse of them
Lopaschuk D. Separation of the crime of willful murder committed on order from related offenses
Matvieiev S. Evolution of the national criminal legislation in the field of protection of hunting fauna and the formation of corpus delicti
Matviichuk V.Objective side of the crime of violation of water protection rules: theoretical and applied problems
Soloviova A. The article analyzes some of problems of criminal legal protection of property in Ukraine and some foreign countries.
Khar I. Committer of crimes against sexual freedom and sexual inviolability: problems of theory and practice
Shnypko O. Objective side of the crime under part 1, article 371 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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