Articles, journal # № 4/2016

Philosophy and Sociology of Law
Desiatnyk V. The Problem of Marx’s Dialectical Logic
Volkova T. Classifying criteria of such a crime as illegal fishing or hunting or any other sea hunting industry
Hmyrin A. The objective side of a crime under Article 204 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Zubez Y. Qualified and especially aggravating circumstances of the offense of failure to provide help to a person who is in a condition dangerous to life
Matviуchuk V.The consequences of committing crimes against the environment: theoretical, methodological and practical problems
Oleinichuk O. Ways to Improve of corpus delicti under Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Oleynik V. Generic object of the crime of marine pollution
Soloviova Alina, Soloviova Aliesia. History of formation and develop of criminal law in the field of protection of objects of archaeological and cultural heritage in Ukraine and some foreign countries
Khar I. Committer of crimes against a person's life: problems of theory and practice
Dyachuk M. Problems and prospects of the mediation development in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Karpenko M., Kokovin D. Investigation of meanings and clauses of extradition on the basis of international legislation’s analyzing
Servetskyy I. The concept of oligarchy and its public danger
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