Articles, journal # № 3/2016

Philosophy and Sociology of Law
Desiatnyk V. The Problem of Dialectical Logic
Romanova A.S. Law and human:  harmonious unity in period of social anomie
Criminal Law
Volkova T. The objective side of crime of the illegal fishing or hunting or any other sea hunting industry by part 1 of article 249 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Gereliuk T. Protection of adchaeological and cultural heritage the criminal legal aspects 
Kovalovа T.I. The genesis of the law on criminal responsibility in the space in the seventh stage of the development of society and legislation on the territory of Ukraine
Matviychuk V. Theoretical-applied problems of system of crimes against the environment under the current
Criminal Code of Ukraine
Reshnyuk A. The committer of crime of attempt on the life of defender or representative of the person in connection with activities related to the provision of legal aid
Servetsky I.V. The concept of high treason and its social danger
Soloviova A. The concept of "property" in foreign legal science in the context of crimes against property
Khar I. Theoretical and applied problems of the committer of a crime in the field of environmental protection
Shnipko O.S. The direct object of crime of knowingly unlawful apprehension, taking into custody, arrest or detention
Kikalishvili M.V.  Biological theories of deviant behavior Nikitin D. Yu. Transformation of Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in the sphere of the public prosecution and combating criminality in the budgetary sector
Criminal Procedural Law
Karpenko M.I., Chonka M.M. Procedural meaning and features of witness as participant of criminal proceedings (comparative-legal description)
Labor Law
Belinska J. The essence and the basic international legal standards of the UN and ILO in sphere of compulsory social insurance
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