Articles, journal # № 12/2015


Philosophy and Sociology of Law
Bernyukov A.M. The main features of a relativism in the concept of a legal hermeneutics of A. Kaufman (the philosophical and theoretical analysis)
Radzivill О.A. Characteristic dimensions of historical and legal education in the process of spiritual and intellectual revitalization of society
Sitnic Galina. The place of information resource in public administration
Gmirin A.А. Generic object of the crime the illegal manufacture, possession, sale or transportation with intent to sell excisable goods
Hospodarets M.V. Some subjective symptoms of illegal hunting
Zakrevskyi A.V. Features of punishment for violation of human rights to defence
Karpenko M.I., Chonka M.M. Features of objective side of neglect of military service (general theoretical aspect)
Melnichenko V.Article 250 CCP Ukraine needs improvement and proper use
Moroz A.O. Comparative legal research of the crime of the interference into advocacy’s or person’s representative activity crime with the similar acts in the codes of some foreign countries
Oleinichuk O.M. Delimiting of corpus delicti under Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine from the adjacent corpus delicti
Olhovenko O. Improving regulations under Art.385 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Orlov Y. The concept of a crime under Art.158-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Soloviova A. To the issue of criminal responsibility for theft of electrical or thermal energy
Arakelyn R.F. Some aspects of introduction the mediation institute in criminal proceeding of Ukraine
Bukhonskyi S. The problem of information reference (information retrieval and record) systems use in the pre-trial inquiry
Pogarchenko T. Certain issues of the concept and meaning of business crimes
Grin T.G. Historical aspects of the development of employment in the period of antiquity to the end of the XIX century
Brachuk A.O. The content and implementation of the principle of promoting legitimate trade in the customs legislation
Fedotov A.P. To the problem of record of entities, carrying out goods transactions within the context of the legislation of Ukraine in the matter of the state customs affairs
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